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Sometimes a simple accident can cause a blow to the face that does more than traumatize soft tissues. Indeed, there are even some times when a tooth is impacted yet it does not show any immediate signs of distress or it is masked by the discomfort in the surrounding soft tissues. A few days might go by and the pain in the tooth or underlying gums starts to increase. In a case like this, you should seek dental care with one of the specialists at Mecca Dental .

Dr. Mecca or one of our highly trained associates can examine the tooth, take some X-rays, or perform other diagnostics to determine the source of the problem. In some of these cases, the trauma to the surrounding oral tissues might have allowed inflammation to affect the root or nerve of the tooth.

If the problem is too severe to be cleared up by anti-inflammatory medication, Dr. Mecca might recommend performing a root canal. This simple endodontic therapy will extract any traumatized tissues while also rebuilding the internal structure of the tooth. Once this is done, Dr. Mecca can start the process of restoring the tooth with a standard dental crown.

If you are in the New Hartford, New York area and you are experiencing toothache pain from a recent blow to the face, you should call 315-235-3318 to schedule an appointment at Mecca Dental .