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The contoured areas on your child’s back teeth can easily trap food particles and plaque. These areas can sometimes be hard to clean simply from your son or daughter brushing their teeth twice each day. Over time this can allow bacterial deposits to form in specific areas promoting cavities and other tooth decay complications.

If Dr. Mecca notices your child is struggling to keep these areas clean during their dental checkup, he might recommend dental sealants. They are a special dental resin that are painted onto the molars and premolars in the back of your child’s mouth. Once the dental sealants have been cured by an ultraviolet light, they will protect the biting surfaces of the teeth for up to ten years.

You shouldn’t worry about regular tooth brushing wearing away the sealants as they are very durable. Your son or daughter’s routine dental checkups at Dr. Mecca’s clinic will also include a dental cleaning and exam to monitor the health of your mouth and the integrity of the dental sealants. If you live in the New Hartford, New York, area and you’re concerned about preventing cavities on your child’s premolars and molars, call 315-235-3318 to schedule a dental checkup with dental sealants at Mecca Dental .