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Sometimes accidents happen. This is unfortunate, but long-term damage can often be reduced with the proper know-how. A little education and preparation can go a long way to saving your smile if an emergency situation does arise. Let’s address some oral emergencies and what to do if it happens to you.

If you end up with something between your teeth, it can be annoying. It can also be very painful and distracting. Do not try to remove the debris with a toothpick or other pointed object, as tempting as that may be. Using a pointed object can damage your gum tissue and scratch your tooth enamel. Instead, use approved dental floss or another approved interdental cleaner to gently remove the debris.

Sometimes, during contact sports or daily life activities, a tooth gets knocked out or broken. Though it is possible for teeth to be cracked and damaged beyond repair, it is sometimes possible for your dentist to reattach knocked-out teeth. Keeping the tooth (or the pieces of tooth) moisturized is vital for reattachment success. Place the tooth in a tooth-saving first-aid product, like Save-a-Tooth. If you do not have such a product available, use milk, or, place the tooth inside the mouth between the gums and the cheek. Call your dentist at 315-235-3318, explain you have a dental emergency, and describe it the best you can. Our team will coach you through what to do as you are on your way to the office.

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