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Diabetes is associated with many common oral health problems. If you have diabetes, you can take steps to prevent and treat the dental health issues associated with the condition.

Tooth Decay
Diabetes results in high blood sugar levels, which can put you at higher risk of tooth decay since plaque feeds on sugars and releases tooth-damaging acids. In addition to regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, we encourage you to maintain a healthy diet to regulate your blood sugar levels and prevent the natural bacteria in your mouth from feeding on sugar.

Gum Disease
Diabetes can prevent resistance to infections and weaken your healing response, which can increase plaque buildup and infect the gums with a condition known as periodontal disease. This can lead to a vicious health cycle since gum disease makes controlling your blood sugar levels more difficult. We suggest that you brush and floss your teeth every day and take steps to control blood sugar. Undergoing periodontal treatment can also improve your blood sugar control.

Dry Mouth
High levels of blood sugar and certain medications for diabetes can result in dry mouth, which fouls up your breath and reduces the ability of saliva to wash away food particles and plaque. In addition to drinking more water and chewing sugar-free gum, our dentist can provide you with a saliva substitute.

Oral Infection
Diabetes can increase the risk of infection after oral surgery such as wisdom tooth removal, as well as slow the healing process. If you need to receive oral surgery, take steps to control your blood sugar and notify your dentist that you are diabetic. Dr. Mecca may provide you with antibiotics to fight infections.

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