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Did you know that chewing gum can be safe for your smile? Are you aware of the benefits that chewing gum can give for your oral health? There are several benefits that chewing gum can provide, under the right circumstances. It is important to understand what you need to do to bring the best out of your chewing gum so that your smile can receive the best care possible.

Effective cavity prevention includes the use of alternative cleaning tools. Nonabrasive cleaning tools including mouthwash and chewing gum have been proven effective for cleaning out your mouth after eating meals. By using sugarless chewing gum after meals, you can help produce additional saliva, which is effective for removing plaque and bacteria in your mouth that can contribute to erosion and cavities. Sugarless chewing gum has also been proven helpful in the treatment of heartburn and can help remove harmful stomach acids that travel up into your mouth.

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